Rules and regulations

Important rules and regulations (code of conduct) Lima Victor Free International DX Group

1:1 Important for members, new members visitors: Inform yourself about the Law and regulations for 11 meter band. Lima Victor Free DX club takes no responsibilities how members using their RTX, transceivers or outer radio equipment Golden rule: inform yourself about the Law and regulations we take no responsibility for the information on the Lima victor Free International DX club websites, or web links, message Board, activations, contest, managers, spots contest prizes (by sponsoring) etc etc

1:2 A membership at the Lima Victor is low profile and Free no contribution Needed! what we ask from you in return is only that you use the callsign of the LVDX Group on the air 100%. You can join us without any DXcc experience. Why? Beaccause the Youngsters have the right to love this 11 meter dx hobby. Our Members and HQ Staf will help you with your hobby where needed. We all have a lot of experience in the CB 11 meter hobby.

1:3 The use of other call signs is permitted with some rules and regulations. If you planning to use another call sign of a other DX Group , the rule is that you have to inform us about this callsign change. If you do not inform us about this change the HQ and CO is allowed to delete your callsign, account, administration, webpage spots etc etc. without any notice!

1:4 If you give us the information about the use of another call its okay that you are using that call sign too. Its not allowed to be a manager, or HQ or CO member of that club. In that way we delete your account as seen on the note of​

1:5 A note to all members, new members or visitors. you are not allowed to use or make a website with a url containing follow name or words " limavictor or limavictordx or clusterdx".​This is only possible with permission of Jack 19LV001 and PJ 19LV002 both onwners of the Lima Victor Free International DX Group. Official registered club and 11 meter radio group in the ​Chamber of commerce.

1:6 However the frequency is not owned to any dxers, we ask you to take notice of this info! the LVDX group using the freq 27:530 mhz since anno 1979! More old DX clubs using their own monitor freq for their members and club communication or international DX. We ask other club stations and single operators to take a note of this info. 1:7 Lima Victor Free DX club All rights reserved copyrights 1979­-2018

1:7 Racism
No form of racism is accepted, in any form whatsoever. If you do so or willing to do so! you will be removed and if necessary we do report this to police.

1:8 Trading
Lima Victor is no trading channel for radio equipment. Any trade between themselves is for your own and Lima Victor Int DX Group (LVDXCLUB) can never be held responsible.

We do not eccept the following:No nude or other offensive lyrics pictures or photos on you'er website, blogs, QSL Card etc where you use your callsign, our club name or our names! Mis or bad behaviour on soclialmedia or on other platforms will not be tolerante and we delete your account. When there are suspicious circumstances or punishable offenses within these contents we will reported this to the the justice. Lima Victor is all bout respect. We avoid Politics Religion issue
You may print your own QLS cards. Please note we do not accept QSL trades by the Lima Victor DX or on our clusterdx community. You may print your own QLS cards. Please note we do not accept QSL trades by the Lima Victor DX or on our clusterdx community. LVDX and there HQ is the only exceptions to do so


You may use our banners and logos that we provided but you may not use them in a commercial character. You agree with the signup with our rules and regulations. So you are 100% aware of our rules and any the consequences.


Become a member and use our LV call sign. you are more than welcome to join our DX Club.

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Like many DX clubs you have to confirmed 100 contacts or more.

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