FT8 DX 27.265 MC

Feel free to share this 11m FT8 Group with your friends. The more operators we get digital on 27.265 the seasier it will be to make a digital QSO over there. FT8 Weaksignal DX. 

11 meter band FT8 Contest News 2024

FT8 Contest 2024 27.265 MC

FT8 Contest 2024 27.265 MC
It is with great pleasure for us to announce the FT8 Contest 2024 27.265 MC
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FT8 DX Contest 2024

DATE: Starts: Saturday, 27-Januari-2024 | 12:00 UTC

End of contest: ,sunday, 11 Februari-2024 | 23:59 UTC

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