Special Activation 2LV/CI

Start date:15 Feb 24
Finish date:Activation has ended now (but will take place again this year) 29 Feb 24

Activation Information
Clark's Island, New York, USA by 2LV972

QSL Information & QSL Manager

QSL Manager

PJ 19LV002
Florence straat 6
8701 CH Bolsward
e-mail: qsl@limavictordx.com

"Special Event 90 years Encloser dike!
Special call: 19LV/ECD90 J0230A

Friday Februari 2 12.00 UTC Till Sunday Februari 4  
00:00 UTC.  The construction of the Afsluitdijk (Encloser dike 1920-1933) was an important step in the protection of the Netherlands against the water, its a struggle that never stops."
19LV/ECD90 J0230A QSL_card go via www.clusterdx.nl E_Qsl.

Iota Activations Upcomming 
"328LV/EU-170 (calling with  328LV/CI-141"
Operator PJ
Vir CI-141 Adriatic Sea  EU-170