Whois PJ 19LV002

Hi everyone, my name is PJ and my call sign is 19LV002. I'am on the 11 meter band since 1982 and DXing since 1983. My frist radio was a Skyline Sensfor 2010 FM CB radio 22 channels and a GPA 1/2 wave antenna. in 1983 buy my self an President Franklin AM, FM. USB, LSB radio and in 1988 a President Lincoln, Galaxy Saturn, Galaxy Pluto, Superstar 360. The hobby was out of control. Hihihi. and more and more radio came in in the home made radio shack. I have now a lot of CB radios and love the old CB radio. For DX i'am Using a FTdx 1200.

My personal QSL and Club QSL Cards

Only the highest quality

My Club - Group QSL_card

Does the job for 4 years now

My persional; QSL Card

My personal Club - Group Certificate and antenna build

Some recently receivde QSL Card

What We've Done

In 2009 we made a Cluster named ClusterdX, In 2011 we open it for al radio enthousiast all radio clubs group and individual DXers. Tomek 161V001 (our M8) is our piornier on the ClusterDX and Tomek and i are both Admin HQ. There by we have also Moderators coordinators of other groups on the clusterDX and the nicest things is that we all work as one.