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The Lima Victor DX Member List
Members list 1979 - 2020 April 15 2020 V.10.2
We do not put email addresses of operators into the directory list!

Members directory

LV Chief HQ Officers

LVDX HQ: Jack 19LV001 Owner and World President
LVDX HQ: PJ 19LV002 Owner and World Vice President
LVDX HQ: 161LV001 Tomek President EU (Admin)
20LV003 Kris HQ Member in Norway
20LV005 Vidar Norway Coordinator and HQ Norway
20LV007 Cathrine HQ Member in Norway
20LV009 Rune Norway HQ Member
2LV76 Gary Vice President USA
9LV9894 Mitchell Coordinator Canada
Peter 43LV001 Coordinator Australia
19LV0101 Piet Honorary Member (first founder of LVDXGROUP 1979)

Division 1 Italy

1LV001 Daniel
1LV002 Luca
1LV003 Renè
1LV005 Giovanni
1LV006 Nicholas
1LV007 Luca
1LV010 Stefano
1LV057 Massimo
1LV101 Andrea
1LV105 Massimo
1LV565 Robin
1LV942 Salvatore
1LV993 Fabrizio Italy

Division 2 USA

2LV000 Patrick USA
2LV001 Fred USA
2LV002 George USA
2LV003 George 2 USA
2LV004 Spike USA
2LV005 John USA
2LV045 Jozef USA
2LV54 Hannah
2LV058 Brian USA
2LV069 USA
2LV74 Gregg USA
2LV76 Gary USA HQ
2LV77 Renee USA
2LV78 Rebecca USA
2LV081 Bob USA
2LV88 Paul ( Hillbilly 88) USA
2LV89 Greg USA
2LV095 Andrew USA
2LV096 Vernon USA
2LV101 Terry USA
2LV107 Edward USA
2LV113 Ed USA
2LV114 Keith USA
2LV121 Ray USA
2LV131 Jon USA
2LV148 Clayton USA
2LV153 Randall USA
2LV168 Jimmy USA
2LV169 Mike USA
2LV193 Carmen J USA
2LV194 Michael USA
2LV201 Skip USA
2LV207 Ed USA
2LV220 Don USA
2LV231 Derwin USA
2LV234 Jeremy USA
2LV237 Ed USA
2LV244 Michael USA
2LV254 Ken USA
2LV275 Jeff USA
2LV280 Jeremy USA
2LV284 Bill USA
2LV286 Gary USA
2LV289 Kevin USA
2LV291 James USA
2LV300 John USA
2LV305 David USA
2LV309 James USA
2LV315 Scott USA
2LV316 Anthony USA
2LV325 Vince (Doc Holiday) USA
2LV335 Danny USA
2LV455 Mike USA
2LV357 David USA
2LV359 Jerry USA
2LV360 Ray USA
2LV361 Jay USA
2LV369 Mark USA
2LV374 Nole USA
2LV394 Randy USA
2LV407 Martin USA
2LV412 Scott USA HQ
2LV414 Jason USA
2LV441 Frank USA
2LV456 Dave USA
2LV471 James USA
2LV0277 Lawrence USA
2LV525 Steve USA
2LV526 Joe USA
2LV0563 Fred USA
2LV606 Billy USA
2LV618 Dean USA
2LV629 John USA
2LV630 Anthony USA
2LV641 Clarence USA
2LV665 Mike USA
2LV684 Jim USA
2LV685 Pete USA
2LV707 John USA
2LV756 Geddes USA
2LV751 Paul USA
2LV836 Scott USA
2LV844 Otis USA
2LV855 Bill USA
2LV961 Jason USA
2LV996 Gus USA
2LV1953 Captain Dick USA (Iota 218LV1953)
2LV1970 Kip USA
2LV1972 Russ USA
2LV1030 Dan USA
2LV1047 Allan USA
2LV1177 Ron USA
2LV1300 Jim USA
2LV1757 Randall USA
2LV1958 Karl USA
2LV2013 Lyle USA
2LV2100 Mike
2LV2121 Tom USA
2LV2140 Charles USA
2LV1412 Jeremy USA
2LV3131 Darren USA
2LV3434 Jeff USA
2LV772 Greg USA
2LV7762 Glenn USA

Division 3 Brasil

3LV001 Jose
3LV002 Gelson
3LV003 Martin
3LV011 Luis
3LV021 Davi
3LV025 Couto

3LV71 Guilherme
3LV051 Rogerio
3LV091 Luis
3LV0293 João
3LV425 Gleyciane

Division 4 Argentina

4LV001 Alberto Argentina

Division 6 Colombia

6LV001 Gustavo Colombia

Division 9 Canada

9LV001 Michel
9LV002 Jeff
9LV003 Clarence
9LV043 Patricita
9LV225 Al
9LV230 Dwayne
9LV283 Robert
9LV418 Jason
9LV451 Joe
9LV525 Brent
9LV1001 Zackary
9LV1007 Quinton
9LV1054 Ken
9LV1056 Steve
9LV4880 Gord
9LV9715 Alvin
9LV641 Clarence
9LV685 Tom
9LV872 Harry
9LV1061 Scott
9LV1967 Andy
9LV9894 Mitchell
9LV9895 Wanda
9LV9898 Dale

Division 10 Mexico

10LV001 Ricardo Mexico
10LV005 Manuel Mexico
10LV107 Manny Mexico
10LV258 Hugo Mexico
10LV314 Julio Mexico
10LV505 Lino Mexico
10LV707 John Mexico

Division 11 Puerto Rico

11LV010 Angel
11LV817 Santhiny

Division 13 Germany

13LV001 Coordinator Soon
13LV002 Mattias
13LV003 Albert
13LV004 Douglas
13LV005 Jan
13LV007 Geert
13LV010 Hans
13LV013 Tim (Former)
13LV055 Detlef Germany
13LV66 Sefan
13LV76 Andreas
13LV101 Marco
13LV108 Wolf
13LV156 Dieter
13LV0166 Brian
13LV166 Marco
13LV402 Marco
13LV455 Hans
13LV811 Makkus
13LV911 Bernd

Division 14 France

14LV002 Philippe
14LV003 Stephane
14LV005 Chris
14LV007 James
14LV025 Jean Michel

14LV036 Eric
14LV051 Farid
14LV044 Pascal
14LV060 Andre
14LV062 Jo
14LV065 Henry
14LV108 Guillaume
14LV239 Eric
14LV346 Mickaël
14LV869 Jos
14LV1960 Thuliez
14LV1972 Mabileau

Division 15 Switzerland

15LV001 Hans Ruedi
15LV015 Christopher
15LV30 Daniel
15LV101 Mark

Division 16 Belgium

16LV001 Jack
16LV002 Didier
16LV044 Daniel
16LV250 Patrick
16LV280 Stan
16LV558 Gery
16LV701 Johan
16LV777 Christophe

Division 17 Hawaii

17LV123 Ron
17LV369 Stan
17LV5936 Nan

Division 18 Greece

18LV001 Stavros
18LV002 Yiannis
18LV007 Jimmy

18LV011 Eugene
18LV012 Dimitris

Division 19 Netherlands

19LV003 Mano
19LV004 Bas
19LV005 Jan
19LV006 Rudolf
19LV007 Jelle
19LV009 Willy
19LV010 Stephan
19LV011 Stefan
19LV012 Co
19LV013 Koos
19LV014 App
19LV015 Charlie
19LV016 Henry
19LV017 Wilfred
19LV018 Maat
19LV019 Rinse
19LV020 Appie
19LV021 Albert
19LV022 Jan
19LV023 Rico
19LV024 Jan
19LV025 Sjaak
19LV026 Stefan
19LV027 Kees
19LV028 Monique
19LV029 Bram
19LV030 Robert
19LV031 Jetze
19LV032 Klaas
19LV033 Jakob
19LV034 Robert
19LV035 Justin
19LV036 Louis
19LV037 Maarten
19LV038 George
19LV039 Cornelis
19LV40 Ed
19LV041 Cornelis
19LV043 Harry
19LV044 Douwe
19LV045 Tony
19LV046 Diana
19LV049 Piet
19LV050 Willem
19LV051 Dirk
19LV052 Sylvester
19LV053 Sietse

19LV055 Rik
19LV056 Henk Jan
19LV058 Ronald
19LV060 Jurrien
19LV062 Jannie
19LV061 Theo
19LV066 Harry \\\"Silent Key RIP\\\"
19LV067 Tom
19LV069 Paul New call is 26LV069 Paul
19LV072 Henk
19LV073 Ronald
19LV074 Marco
19LV075 Marinus
19LV076 Theo
19LV077 Mirjam
19LV088 Jacob
19LVLV78 Piet
19LV080 Peter
19LV081 Sander
19LV082 Ali
19LV085 Patrick
19LV86 Vincent
19LV092 Mitchell
19LV095 Marcel
19LV096 Ronald
19LV099 Ruud
19LV75 Johan
19LV100 Richard
19LV101 Lucas
19LV104 Rink
19LV105 Michel
19LV111 Mannes
19LV112 Appie
19LV123 Chris
19LV121 Henk
19LV129 Henk
19LV141 Bert
19LV149 Ron
19LV150 Marco
19LV151 Jelle
19LV152 Jaap
19LV163 Eddy
19LV168 Marcel
19LV173 Gerard
19LV196 Peter
19LV199 Nic
19LV219 Frank
19LV301 Ate
19LV1974 Albert
19LV1978 Francien
19LV1979 Raymond
19LV192 Veronica
19LV197 Freddy
19LV198 Gizmo
19LV200 Matt
19LV212 Michel
19LV222 Yolanda
19LV225 Emil
19LV226 Willem
19LV246 Sipco
19LV267 Sietse
19LV275 Ron
19LV287 Michelle
19LV300 Dirk
19LV321 Pier
19LV333 Bart
19LV313 Hildo
19LV314 Linda
19LV345 Erik
19LV357 David
19LV364 Richard
19LV375 Martin
19LV421 Klaas Willem
19LV424 Fred
19LV435 Jacques
19LV444 Nino
19LV445 Andre
19LV449 Leon
19LV471 Ron
19LV488 Douwe
19LV500 Jan
19LV515 Barry
19LV521 Patrick
19LV530 Ger
19LV537 Eelke
19LV551 Ben
19LV555 Diana
19LV575 Jos
19LV595 Ralf
19LV656 Ronald
19LV600 Ron
19LV626 Siep
19LV650 Yme
19LV665 Erik
19LV666 Wietze
19LV667 Sieger
19LV668 Arjan
19LV685 Dick
19LV705 Cees
19LV707 Henk
19LV747 Frits
19LV757 Dick
19LV756 Stefan Lemmer
19LV777 Evert
19LV0777 Henk
19LV789 Peter
19LV816 Ed
19LV929 Ed
19LV967 Koos
19LV998 Peter
19LV1987 Zock
19LV832 Willem
19LV850 Renee
19LV888 Riemer
19LV909 Ed
19LV919 Gunter
19LV964 John \\\"Silent Key RIP\\\"
19LV980 Jos
19LV999 Jan
19LV0839 Dave
19LV0777 Henk
19LV1205 Tjalling
19LV1512 Bernard
19LV1973 Johan
19LV1967 Henk
19LV1966 Harry
19LV1962 Francina
19LV1956 Henry

19LV1923 Truus
19LV1919 Henk
19LV1948 Bertus
19LV1968 George
19LV1955 Sjouke
19LV1971 Michel
19LV1972 Berrie
19LV1980 Jeen
19LV1981 Froukje
19LV1984 Peter
19LV1989 Erwin
19LV1983 Ronald Harlingen
19LV1987 Zock
19LV1995 Ronnie
19LV2020 Kees
19LV2311 Peter
19LV2424 Jan
19LV3011 Jannes Leeuwarden
19LV3537 Robert
19LV5437 Nico
19LV7119 Theo
19LV7973 Paul
19LV8181 Maurice Harlingen
19LV8182 Feike

Division 20 Norway

20LV001 Sverre Jr.
20LV002 Finn
20LV003 Kris
20LV004 Cato Anfre

20LV005 Vidar
20LV007 Catherine
20LV008 Oddvin
20LV009 Rune
20LV082 Ole
20LV107 Nicolas
20LV113 Hans Peter
20LV137 Kent
20LV177 John
20LV121 Moi
20LV226 Aage
20LV240 Gunnar
20LV255 Pihl
20LV257 Robi
20LV269 Sandy
20LV277 Stein
20LV290 Johannes
20LV447 Einar
20LV555 Roger
20LV477 Birger
20LV737 Pelle
20LV747 Kato
20LV779 Bjorn
20LV815 ED

Division 21 Sweden

21LV001 Bjorn
21LV002 Anders
21LV003 Uno
21LV11 Tommy
21LV015 Tom

Division 23 Jamaica

23LV001 Paul Jamaica

Division 25 Japan

25LV001 Yoshi Japan

Division 26 UK

26LV001 Douggie
26LV002 Shaun
26LV003 Paul
26LV004 Clive
26LV005 Glynn
26LV006 Allan
26LV008 Dale
26LV007 Raymond
26LV009 Phil
26LV010 Miss Krystal
26LV011 Colin
26LV012 Alan

26LV015 David
26LV016 Kevin

26LV025 Robert
26LV026 Martin
26LV027 Karry-Ann
26LV030 Mike
26LV050 Andrew
26LV053 Clive
26LV059 Wayne
26LV73 Rob
26LV57 Darren
26LV066 Mick
26LV067 Ian
26LV069 Paul (old 19LV069)
26LV85 Peter
26LV101 Lee
26LV105 Dave
26LV136 Garry
26LV143 David
26LV144 Mick
26LV147 Tony
26LV150 John
26LV165 Paul

26LV270 Douggy \\\"Silent Key RIP\\\"
26LV315 Paul
26LV346 Michael
26LV408 John

26LV426 Alan
26LV456 Richard
26LV500 Richard
26LV633 Clive
26LV876 Paul2
26LV952 Alan
26LV1660 Alan
26LV1706 Mirek
26LV1964 Douglas
26LV1967 Adrian
26LV555 Lee
26LV742 Paul

Division 28 Honduras

28LV110 Milo

Division 29 Republik of Ireland

29LV001 Jimmy \\\"Silent Key RIP\\\”
29LV002 Mick
29LV003 Paul
29LV004 Arek
29LV005 Mike
29LV010 Etwine
29LV019 Gerard
29LV92 Marty
29LV103 Thomas
29LV106 John
29LV132 Tony
29LV101 Pat
29LV105 Michael
29LV121 Rob
29LV128 Antony
29LV145 Andy
29LV155 Jarek
29LV194 Michael1
29LV300 Michael2
29LV361 Jimmy
29LV441 Evan
29LV515 Lee
29LV555 Tom
29LV737 Chas
29lv767 Paul
29L747 Tommy
29LV761 Tom
29LV1941 Bill
29LV2929 Trevor

Division 30 Spain

30LV001 Manu
30LV002 Jose
30LV005 Conrad
30LV007 Luis
30LV010 Tony
30LV15 Daniel
30LV129 Miguel
30LV257 Santi
30LV555 Alejando
30LV897 Derek

Division 31 Portugal

31LV001 Jose
31LV002 Daniel
31LV072 Jose
31LV087 Jose
31LV100 Ramos
31LV101 Jose
31LV300 George

Division 33 Alaska

33LV33 John
33LV779 George

Division 35 Austria

35LV888 Bernoth Austria

Division 41 New Zealand

41LV054 Mick
41LV103 Tony
41LV533 Jimmy

Division 43 Australie

43LV001 Peter
43LV002 Fernando
43LV003 Ian
43LV123 Colin
43LV125 Mark
43LV183 Neil
43LV776 Lance

Division 45 Serbia

45LV001 Srdian Serbia
45LV003 Nikola

Division 47 Denmark

47LV001 Hendrik
47LV255 Andor

Division 49 Ibiza

49LV102 Edwin Ibiza Balearic Islands

Division 50 Russia

50LV005 Yuri
50LV100 Alex
50LV50 Isi
50LV500 Aleks
50LV555 Alexander

Division 56 Finland

56LV001 Mike
56LV016 Teemu
56LV165 Tero

56LV888 Pekka

Division 57 India

57LV001 Sarabjeet
57LV002 Ranjit
57LV003 Satheesan
57LV004 Sampanna India

Division 68 Northern Ireland

68LV101 Freddie
68LV149 Graeme
68LV180 Scott
68LV230 Joe
68LV615 Patrick
68LV1958 Brendan
68LV749 Robert Ralph

Division 73 Guatemala

72LV707 John

Division 73 Suriname

73LV001 Simon Suriname

Division 76 Morocco

76LV001 Allal Morocco
76LV002 Abdou
76LV003 Mahmmed

Division 79 Philippines

79LV001 Tracy
79LV002 Jotham
79LV003 Roger
79LV013 Gian
79LV62 Jun
79LV103 Charlemagne
79LV430 Perciva
79LV431 Weng
79LV560 Ruel

Division 91 Indonesia

91LV002 Johan
91LV005 Donny
91LV006 Piter
91LV009 Ipul
91LV010 Osman
91LV046 Adit
91LV101 Doni
91LV191 Bruno
91LV193 Dedi
91LV432 Agung
91LV666 Agung
91LV707 Ngurah
91LV1064 Sanjaya
91LV1963 Kresna

Division 100 South Korea

100LV001 Mark

Division 94 United Arab Emirates

94LV292 Jamal UAE

Division 108 Scotland

108LV001 Angela
108LV012 Steven
108LV014 Dave
108LV022 Peter
108LV028 Richard
108LV128 Stephen
108LV4711 James

Division 109 Hungary

109LV001 Franky

Division 113 Malaysia

113LV001 Amizan
113LV107 Johar
113LV200 Azmi
113LV120 Adib West Malaysia

Division 116 Turkey

116LV001 Kemal
116LV116 Ekrem
116LV101 Turker

Division 117 Egypt

117LV002 Ibrahim

Division 146 Algeria

146LV001 Mohammed

Division 153 Thailand

153LV001 Jimmy
153LV492 Pansak Thailand

Division 158 Trinidad and Tobago

158LV007 Keith

Division 161 Poland

161LV002 Jarek
161LV010 Leszek
161LV021 Greg
161LV027 Arek
161LV103 Norbert
161LV104 Adrian
161LV168 Darek
161LV470 Tomasz
161LV520 Sergiusz
161LV555 Chris
161LV997 Darek

Division 177 Sri Lanka

177LV102 Terence

Division 218 Belize Island

218LV1953 Captain Dick

Division 233 Roemenia

233LV001 Frank
233LV002 Octavian

Division 236 Bangladesh

236LV001 Habib
236LV002 Ashih
236LV003 Zihad

Division 242 Vietnam

242LV1991 Maria

Division 327 Reb Slovenia

327LV001 Miki
327LV002 Vojc
327LV003 Igor
327LV004 Marko
327LV005 Bravo
327LV012 Franci
327LV286 Anton

327LV555 Dusan Bravo

Division 328 Croatia

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