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18LV/LM "Lake Marathon"

Tomek_161LV001Tomek_161LV001 Posted 2 years ago
18LV/LM "Lake Marathon" 18LV/LM Lake Marathon
18LV/LM Lake Marathon active by 18LV010 Jim 18LV011 Eugene
Date: 2/6/2020 - 2/6/2021
Lake Marathon or the Marathon Reservoir (Greek: Λίμνη Μαραθώνος [Limni Marathónos] or Λίμνη Μαραθώνα [Limni Marathóna]) is a water supply reservoir formed from the construction of Marathon Dam at the junction of Charadros and Varnavas Torrents near the town of Marathon, Greece. It was the primary water supply for Athens from 1931, when it became operational, until 1959.
Active at irregular times
QSL Manager: 18LV010 Mr JIM Negative Contribution

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